Challenge & Money Classes
  • Early entry deadline 6:00 pm the night before Challenge/Money Class is held

  • Challenge Entry Fee $30 - 80% to purse

  • Money Class entry fee $150 - 80% to purse

  •  All classes must be pre-entered and pre-paid.  No gate adds allowed. 

  • Added money in all classes if 3 or more entries.  Class will be run as a jackpot if less than 3 entries.

  • Challenge Class placings will be obtained using scores from the horse & rider combination’s first entry into the arena of the corresponding AQHA,  APHA or All Breed class. Ranch Pleasure/Rding & Trail Challenge will use the combined the scores of the 2 classes.  80% of the entry fee will go to the appropriate Challenge Class purse. Purse will be paid in 3, 4 or 5D split, according to the number of entries. Ties will be broken by number of penalties.

  • All other Heritage Classic Money Classes will be run as a standalone class. All Breeds eligible.  80% of the entry fee will go to the appropriate Futurity Purse.  Futurities will be combined, if possible and with unanimous consent of exhibitors if there are less than 3 entries in any Money Class.

  • In the case of ties, prize money will be split between the tied entries.  Non monetary prizes will be awarded using the pre-selected tiebreaker judge.

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Heritage Money Classes 2021.jpg